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Mark 1

BURGER CUSTOM CANES are proud to introduce the MK1 model- This is our “entry level” model in our range of seven high quality functional walking canes.

The Mk1 model features a rugged 10mm round high carbon nickel silvered (K510) steel "Poniard" style blade hand ground down to a four sided sharp point with a fuller grove running down each face. Beautiful hand scalloped grinding on the upper edges of the blade makes the spring tempered blade pleasing to the eye. With the release button discretely fitted into the upper 303 stainless steel collar of the cane. Allowing for discreet and fast extraction by simply depressing the button with any finger. The MK1 design also allows the blade to be re-inserted into the re enforced carbon composite shaft in any position. The MK1 model comes standard with the turned Tamboti handle or Tee handle (in Tamboti wood) also available in matt black or woven carbon shaft finishes. Rounding of a very strong, functional and rattle free walking companion.

DIMENSIONS : The standard length of our canes is 920 mm (36") this can be altered to customer specifications at no extra cost. Weight approx. 300 grams (10oz). Blade length of all models 440 mm (17.5"). Shaft diameter, tapered 22 mm - 16 mm (7/8" - 5/8") all components are 303 stainless steel.

Custom personalized upgrades available for the MK1 model are :

- Initials or logo engraved on dome of Tamboti handle or on the end of Tee handle.
- Break down conversion.
- Option to upgrade to any of our custom handles like the pistol grip warthog tusk ivory handle , titanium handle etc.

Price: US$650 + Shipping

Examples of Custom Mk1 Canes

Please peruse the pictures on our web site to get a feel for the unique quality of custom and truly bespoke work we can offer and feel free to contact us by sending your details through our contact form . Alternatively, you may complete our order form by clicking on the "order now" button below.


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