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Classic Mark 3

Classic in every sense of the word, what sets our MK3 model apart from the MK2 model is the upgraded internal canti-level spring locking mechanism and release button position. The beautifully smooth and crisp locking actions are individually machined and hand fitted with this upgraded design allowing the release button to be moved up the handle shaft to just below your handle and hand making for a simple and smooth thumb release. I will let the pictures for your perusal on this page do the rest……….

Custom personalized upgrades available for the Classic MK3 model are :

- Initials or logo custom engraved on dome of Tamboti handle or on the end of Tee handle.
- Name and date or short motto engraved on the blade.
- Break down conversion.
- Option to upgrade to any of our custom handles like the pistol grip warthog tusk ivory handle , titanium handle etc.
- The Classic MK3 model is also suited for our best grade hand engraving upgrades with options for 24K gold inlay.
Price: US$1400 + shipping

Examples of Mk3 Custom Upgrades

Please peruse the pictures on our web site to get a feel for the unique quality of custom and truly bespoke work we can offer and feel free to contact us by sending your details through our contact form . Alternatively, you may complete our order form by clicking on the "order now" button below.


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