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Plain Canes (No Blade)

UNIQUE QUALITIES : Our range of seven models are all individually hand made to the highest quality finishes and fits and designed to be 100% functional, strong, lightweight and pleasing to the eye. All our quality canes contain a beautifully hand ground, hand finished/polished, heat treated and tempered steel blade masterfully hand bedded & fitted into a tapered reinforced composite carbon shaft available in matt black or woven carbon finish. All models are built using the best grade 303 stainless steel for external and internal components used on our canes namely- collars, release buttons and ferrules (tip of cane) Our MK1 to MK4 model range feature a positive locking mechanism with release button. So one depresses the release button and a gentle pull of the handle will release the blade. The Ti Stiletto model has the release button/pommel at the top centre of titanium handle. Our Country Cane and Hiking Staff model range have the unique and strong quick thread (screw) release. All our sword canes models are designed and hand built from the ground up to be functional every day weight bearing walking canes. All models come with – two rubber ferrules to fit over the stainless steel ferrule, hand made leather lanyard, certificate of materials used including unique serial #, care of your cane instructions and is presented in a made to fit padded nylon and leather presentation/carry case.

Price: Starts at US$450 + Shipping
Please peruse the pictures on our web site to get a feel for the unique quality of custom and truly bespoke work we can offer and feel free to contact us by sending your details through our contact form . Alternatively, you may complete our order form by clicking on the "order now" button below.


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