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Titanium (Ti) Stiletto Cane

Burger Custom Canes moved away from the traditional sword cane design to bring you something truly bespoke in the Titanium Stiletto Model - Very discreet, elegant yet truly functional.   
The Titanium Stiletto model dimensions are:

  • Our unique hand turned titanium handle, 38mm/1.5” in diameter at the dome and 65mm/1.45” long matched with either the matt black or woven carbon shaft to your overall length requirement.
  • Stiletto dagger 305mm (12") overall length.
  • Titanium stiletto dagger handle hand turned and fluted 110mm (4.5") long Diameter 16mm (5/8")
  • Double hollow ground blade in 440c 190mm (7.5") long (Blade also available in bespoke stainless Damascus in the Odin’s eye pattern)
  • Weight 420g/14.6 oz
How does the Ti Stiletto model work?
To remove the Stiletto dagger one simply presses down on discreet hand checkered pommel at top of Titanium handle and a slight (5 degrees) anti clock wise twist allows the spring loaded Titanium dagger to pop up approximately 12mm (.5") out of the elegant hand turned titanium handle. This brings to hand the beautiful slim Stiletto dagger defence weapon perfectly suited to close quarters defence.
Upgrades and custom options available: 
  • This model is perfect for personalized best grade hand engraving and 24K gold inlay on the Ti handle and blade or upgrade the blade to the bespoke stainless damascus - POR.
  • This model also offers the unique option for a custom False Insert (no blade) so the cane may be used in ALL situations, armed or un-armed so to speak. Simply replace the Ti Stiletto dagger with the custom false insert starting at $350- we also offer the custom False Insert with secret storage compartment adding $450- Pictures bellow of this upgrade for your perusal.
Price: $1800 + shipping

Examples of Ti Stiletto Models

Please peruse the pictures on our web site to get a feel for the unique quality of custom and truly bespoke work we can offer and feel free to contact us by sending your details through our contact form . Alternatively, you may complete our order form by clicking on the "order now" button below.


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